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Thank you for your interest in joining our Premium Club Membership. We appreciate your commitment to supporting our efforts to continue offering a great cycling club. We encourage our club members to attend our Board Meetings, exercise their right to vote, share ideas, or just help us shape our direction.

Our members annual dues provide the club with the financial ability to absorb its basic expenses, save for special projects, and offer greatly discounted benefits. Such benefits include Liability and Rider Accident Insurance including Medical Expenses, social event refreshments, our annual picnic, club swag, etc. BOBie Club Kits are available for purchase with each annual paid membership. Be sure to check out this years’ full club benefits here.

Ready to Purchase Your BOBie Premium Club Membership?

Step 1. Fill Out The Membership Form

Communication is key! Please complete this form in its entirety. Just a handful of questions.

Step 2. Complete & Sign Waiver

You can sign the waiver online

Step 3. Membership Payment

You can pay online using PayPal button or forward a check or cash

Step 4. Email Confirmation

Membership confirmation will be emailed to you shortly after the first 3 steps are completed

Step 2


Waiver form

Click the button above to access the Waiver Form. You can sign this online.

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Step 3 - Membership payment

Click on the image to choose your membership options. These amounts include PayPal fees & charges.

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Other payment options


Write a check to The BOBie Cycling Club. Email to arrange delivery.


Email to arrange delivery.

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Step 4

Membership confirmation will be emailed to you shortly

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